Ioannis Zioris (Jean) is the father of three children who totally rocked his world and husband of the woman of his dreams who led his to what he is today He is a huge fan of travel, music and the arts, enthusiastic with the contemporary and the unusual

He is absolutely fascinated with human connection and obsessed with meeting and observing personalities. It’s not a mystery why he chose photography to make a living, being the only thing out there that totally fulfils his needs.

With over of twenty years of experience photographing and capturing images to the unique light of Greece, he loves documenting life with a creative eye, whether working with couples or photo shooting in advertising companies. He likes getting in the mix, up close and personal with the people and places He shoot, because that’s the best way he knows to show what’s really happening.

His style is distinct, a result of both my unrelenting commitment to his craft and complete trust from clients who commission him.

Image is supposed to be objective, something you see and something identical to all. Well, it is wrong! Image is subjective as the inspiration, the look, the angle and the light can change everything. Ultimately, everyone has a different perceptive of seeing things.
His goal is for your photographs to equal more than a thousand words and to have a soul. His goal is to narrate your story better than what you experienced.